Sottero and Midgley
As Unique As the Bride Who Wears It

Συλλογή Haute Couture
Pricing Info (Έυρος Τιμών) : 2000€ – 5000€

Who is the Midgley bride?
She’s chic, confident, and playful. When it comes to finding her
perfect wedding dress, she favors glamour and sophistication over
softness or tradition. She loves a unique, trendsetting fashion
statement, and completes her look with one-of-a-kind accessories.
The Midgley bride is drawn to opulent embellishments, bold lines,
and striking motifs, and is willing to pay a slightly above-average
price for a design that catches her eye. She budgets for a gown fit
for her “red carpet moment”—something that sets her look apart
from other popularly priced designs.
Desirable elements include an ultra-sexy neckline, a luxurious
fabrication, or an edgy and modern embellishment.